What is Rhino?

Rhino Entertainment is the label co founded by Richard Foos and Harold Bronson in 1978. Beginning with novelty records, then branching into archival reissues and definitive anthologies and various-artists series, the partners and their ever-growing staff of informed eccentrics found that a growing audience shared their diverse musical tastes and uncompromising commitment to quality. The same was true when they established Rhino Home Video in 1985 to reach the market for oddball cult films and classic TV programs, and Kid Rhino in 1991 to gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding children's marketplace. Through the years, Rhino also became involved in social and environmental issues, fostering ethical practices in its day-to-day business, supporting numerous charitable groups, and promoting community service by Rhino employees. In the year 1998 Rhino became a part of the Warner Music Group. Throughout the changes we've undergone, the spirit and commitment of Rhino remain the same as the day we started. We look forward to releasing CDs and videos-with the same high quality and irreverent attitude that you've come to expect-for many years to come.